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Thank you very much for visiting the Partner Oncology website and your interest in becoming a patient in our clinic.  I truly appreciate your trust in me and my staff members.  Thirty years ago, my father survived a 6-month hospitalization with an almost universally fatal disease- acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.  A key lesson he learned was for him as a patient was to work with doctors and nurses as partners.  His experience has deeply impacted me as a doctor in my medical career.

When my 17 year old daughter, who is interested in a career in medicine, heard the name “Partner Oncology,” she interpreted it correctly without me giving her any hint, and believes that it is the most logical philosophy for best outcome of patient care.  With three generations of my family believing the same philosophy, I strongly feel that the relationship between the medical staff and patients as partners would bring about the best outcome in fighting diseases.

My Promise to You: as a Partner

My Expectations of You: as a Partner